New Book, Rebel Gold Part One

civilwarcover1 I have just published my latest book, Part One of Rebel Gold on Smashwords. They are flying off the servers, one book has already sold. Ha ha ha.


Yet Another New Book Published


I have finished putting my early days memoir on Smashwords, titled Tales From The Coastal Plain. It was originally published on Kindle Select, but ya’ll weren’t knocking each other down to buy it so I took it down from there, waited the appropriate exclusivity period, and put it here.

It is a lighthearted romp through a young lad growing up in rural South Georgia in the 1950’s. It is filled with things.

I do not want you to think I am whanging these books out at a rate of one a day. These were already written books that I have only moved from one ebook publisher to another. Enjoy them till it hurts.

Another New Book Published


I have put my latest super opus up on Smashwords. It is called ‘Crime & Payback’  but it isn’t active yet. It will take a couple of days before they review it and are astonished by the excellence and put it out for sale.

It is three short crime stories set in the Southern United States. There are a few twists and turns.

p.s. there are no monkeys in it. Well, maybe some of the characters.