So This Time I Mean It!

DEO00117_resultI am leaving Facebook®, this time for good. Their latest antics, allowing some outfit to gather data on a shitload of people in order to influence the election, all in the name of money, convinces me that we are not a good fit.

I’m not a social person anyway. I originally joined with the scatterbrained idea to get people to read my books. But that only works if you are willing to sell yourself, to get out there and kiss babies and shake hands. Since I am an introvert, that behavior in alien to me and so Facebook didn’t accomplish anything. I created a page ‘Books I’ve Written’ and in several years, no one bought any books or even visited it.

So the gain (nothing) is not worth the loss (privacy and seeing into other peoples brain and view their political and religious rants). I ended up with most people blocked. I do not blame them. I just wish I did not know their opinions. It colors how I look at a person if I know their inner workings. It is a failing of mine that I cannot separate the person from their thoughts.

However, this blog will still be published and I can be reached by email if anyone needs or wants to communicate with me.


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