A Thought to Ponder

DET00003_resultThere are a lot of words written today about gender identification. (I could have said ‘in this day and age’ rather than ‘today’ but I find that cliche both meaningless and trite.) The spectrum is pretty much wide open, from super male to super female.

There is a category of porn called, “Chicks With Dicks”. I do not frequent the sites, but as an Observer and Writer, I hear things and research them. Believe me, I am saving you the wade through the swamp of internet porn by advising you this is true so you do not have to find it for yourself.

In the course of my research, I have seen a picture of one of these Chicks With Dicks and they are just as advertised: what appears to be an attractive female human with large breasts, a smooth body, well-made up, possessing a normal appearing male penis and scrotum, presumably capable of all the functions: urination, erection, and ejaculation. Perhaps even fertilization.

My first thought was, ‘Who is this aimed at? It can’t be male heterosexuals, as they would be turned off by the penis. Not lesbians, because they would be repelled by the penis as well. Not male homosexuals, because the breasts and such would be against their desires. Not a female heterosexual because of the same reason.

But Internet Porn did not get to be the thriving business it is without appealing to peoples lusts. This CWD category has to be for someone. I do not know, and feel there must be some sliver of human sexual desire that doesn’t fit any category.

But that’s not the reason I brought you here today, other than to introduce you to the phenomena. Here is my stand:

I Do Not Buy The Original Premise. Chicks with Dicks? No. Instead, I think it is Dudes with Tits. Think about it. It is easy surgically to add breasts to a man. It is far more difficult to add a working penis and testicles to a woman. No gender reassignment I ever hear of does the full monty, the swap of a working penis and balls to a new host. But removing body hair and adding breasts? Easy as Pie.

So when you see – or have someone offer you – a Chick With Dick, simply say, ‘You mean a Dude With Tits?’ No, Thanks.” Unless you are one of the ones the CWD category is aimed at.


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