Worst Business Award!

DER00004_resultEquifax ©. Experian©. TransUnion©.

They are toxic waste. Infectious pus coated toads. Anyone that knows me or reads anything I have written knows that I detest these rat bastards. These ground weasels beyond scum. They are what scum calls scum.

Think of one good thing they do for consumers. You cannot. They gather private information about you, and sell it to any goddam body that wants it. Do they secure it? Shit no. Let the crooks get it; doesn’t matter to them.

IT AIN’T THEIR INFORMATION. They steal it and do not pay you for it. They don’t pay when they gather it and they don’t pay when they sell it. They are sloppy and do not secure the stolen data. But they get away with it because we let them. They let your private information get stolen and then basically say, “Tough shit, Kid. Get out of the way. This is Business.”

The only thing you can do, unless the spineless assholes in Washington someday get off their asses, is to freeze your credit. No controls or restrictions are likely while the GOP is in charge. They ain’t ever seen a business that gives them money that they didn’t like. But even the Demos roll over for people with deep pocketbooks. So you are screwed.


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