No mas! Twice in the last few weeks I have been assaulted by Christianity. Yeah, that’s right, the religion. Right after Xmas I went to eat in a hamburger joint and found that the owner had printed all the paper items – bags and place mats and such –  with Bible sayings, things like Psalm stuff. And he erroneously conflated his god and America. And then I was reading a library book by some author and found that he was throwing in shovels full of Jesus about every five pages. I closed it up. I would rather eat a bug than be beat over the head with religion. Any religion. All religion. These items just happened to be Christianity, I think the kind that believes the bible is the literal word of their god.

In any case, that author (I won’t name him for fear of causing him to go bankrupt) is off my reading list permanently. I am tired of them always hollering that they are being picked on. Here in Georgia, as regular as Ex-Lax, the Legislature brings up something called the ‘religious freedom’ act to try to get it passed. They say they are being put upon by the rest of us. WHAT A CROCK. Listen, if anything, it is the other way around. They don’t like drinking? Then get it outlawed. At least on Sunday, which is some kind of magic day for them. They are free to practice their religion anyway they want. What they are NOT free to do it impose it on anyone else.

Why should these citizens, with their clutching, zombie-like fingers, get to tell me or anyone that doesn’t follow their magic what to do? When to do it? Bah. I think there needs to be a giant sign that would warn potential eaters or readers that the owner or author is a Jesus freak so we can avoid them. If they are so proud of it, why don’t they have this warning?