What ‘Drain The Swamp’ Means


When Trump was running he said he would ‘Drain the Swamp’, probably meaning that he would get rid of the corruption and swill that Washington has become in the past forty years. An admirable goal, one that everyone could get behind. And a lot of people believed him, because no TV shuckster would lie to you … would he?

Now, he has shown us what he meant. He just brought in his own reptiles. Tom Price (who could be the stunt double for Ned Flanders) is just the latest erupting pimple.  The Cabinet is filled top to bottom with shady characters sucking at the government teat. Remember, that teat is you: the US government has no money: they take it from you and spend it wisely on what needs to be done for the Country. Like making sure Tom gets to his lunch with his son in luxury. Bucking Fozo’s.

Strap in tight, boys and girl’s. We’re in for a hard ride.


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