Here are a Couple of Thoughts, in the Vein of ‘Other Stuff’


Thought one: I see social media postings and various talking heads on TV asking for ‘prayers’ for the soon-to-be-hurricane battered Florida. My question is why did God aim this at Florida if He didn’t want it hit?  The Word On The Street is that He is omnipotent, and therefore He must be able to control the weather. That implies that He wanted Florida hit. Would these prayers not being going against His Will?

Thought two: Equifax, one of the giant credit bureau outfits, found that crooks had hacked in and stolen the private information of a bunch of people. They found this out at the end of July, but for reasons they refuse to divulge, only made it public now.

This break-in provided crooks with credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other private information. They said there were 143 million ‘customers’ that were affected.

In the first place, we are not customers of Equifax: we are product. They did not ask our permission to gather this information, nor ask if they could sell it to anyone that comes along, nor pay us anything for the use of our private data.

And if they had not accumulated our information to sell, it would not have been conveniently sitting there waiting to be stolen. So let’s call a Clown a Clown.


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