What ‘Drain The Swamp’ Means


When Trump was running he said he would ‘Drain the Swamp’, probably meaning that he would get rid of the corruption and swill that Washington has become in the past forty years. An admirable goal, one that everyone could get behind. And a lot of people believed him, because no TV shuckster would lie to you … would he?

Now, he has shown us what he meant. He just brought in his own reptiles. Tom Price (who could be the stunt double for Ned Flanders) is just the latest erupting pimple.  The Cabinet is filled top to bottom with shady characters sucking at the government teat. Remember, that teat is you: the US government has no money: they take it from you and spend it wisely on what needs to be done for the Country. Like making sure Tom gets to his lunch with his son in luxury. Bucking Fozo’s.

Strap in tight, boys and girl’s. We’re in for a hard ride.


Here are a Couple of Thoughts, in the Vein of ‘Other Stuff’


Thought one: I see social media postings and various talking heads on TV asking for ‘prayers’ for the soon-to-be-hurricane battered Florida. My question is why did God aim this at Florida if He didn’t want it hit?  The Word On The Street is that He is omnipotent, and therefore He must be able to control the weather. That implies that He wanted Florida hit. Would these prayers not being going against His Will?

Thought two: Equifax, one of the giant credit bureau outfits, found that crooks had hacked in and stolen the private information of a bunch of people. They found this out at the end of July, but for reasons they refuse to divulge, only made it public now.

This break-in provided crooks with credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other private information. They said there were 143 million ‘customers’ that were affected.

In the first place, we are not customers of Equifax: we are product. They did not ask our permission to gather this information, nor ask if they could sell it to anyone that comes along, nor pay us anything for the use of our private data.

And if they had not accumulated our information to sell, it would not have been conveniently sitting there waiting to be stolen. So let’s call a Clown a Clown.

New Book Published!

rain never cover smashwords

So I have published my eighteenth book (I think, it’s hard to keep up when you are having Fun. Hahahahah) and it is available in ebook format at Smashwords and Amazon and in paperback at Amazon. I advise you to buy it and read it, maybe tell a Hollywood movie producer you want to see it made into a blockbuster along with all my other books.

In any case, enjoy it if you can.