Careful at Work …


I don’t work anymore but I understand that your boss has pretty much all the freedom he wants to monitor your activity at work. Using your office computer for personal stuff, wasting his valuable time by using your cell phone to play, or just plain goofing off.

All of these are easily monitored by cameras, software embedded in the office network, and having you use key cards to access office things. Like the supply room or the restroom.

When I worked, even in the early days of networks back in the Netware days, we had network software that tracked what you were storing (no personal files allowed) and how much time you spent on the internet. We also had access cards that logged whenever you entered and left a room. Big Brother for sure.

With Corporations now running the show, and the Supreme Court having decided that they are humans, every worker has to watch their back. Maybe get one of those hats with rearview mirrors. Just be careful out there.


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