What’s More Boring than a NASCAR Race? A Human Road Race


I accidentally woke up early today and watched the start of the local Road Race held every July 4th. It only takes a couple of minutes to get tired of watching people you don’t know run along a street, accompanied by the constant chatter of TV personalities.

I understand if you have a person in this race, or like to watch Ethiopians win trophies, you might want to sit through this. But for the rest of us, say 99% of the population, it is like watching paint dry but without the smell.

With NASCAR, you can at least record the race and fast forward through it, watching for the smoke that indicates a spinout. Notice I don’t say crash: those are things of the past. Yeah, cars run into each other sometimes and get bent, but the wrecks are essentially cars spinning and tires smoking, held to the ground by flaps.

But even that is enthralling compared to watching thousands of strangers run and walk along a street. This is my opinion. Your mileage may differ.


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