Cleanse Your Colon or Your Wallet?


You’re always hearing these quackeroonies say,

“Kid, you got ten pounds of shit clogging your colon. Use Doctor Frank’s Magic Feces-Eater and you will lose ten pounds and be as Healthy as a Hog, as Clean as a Weasel.”

But if there is all that shit there, why doesn’t a Real Doctor see it when they do a colonoscopy? Why doesn’t a colonoscopy prep get rid of it? After all, the idea it to have a colon you could eat off of for the doctor to use the tube on.

Why do people keep falling for this? Are they dumb or just gullible?


But Wait …

DEO00101_1 I am not leaving Facebook after all. I found out how to unfollow the people that were flooding me with stuff I didn’t want to see. Now I’m OK. You may recall when Stephanie on Newhart said, “My marmalade was touching my eggs. But I’m alraight now.”

That’s the way it is. My page is clean as a weasel.