Leaving Facebook


See the angry man? See the religious content? That ought to give you a clue as to why. But I bet you want me to expand on it. And I will, right here.

I opened a Facebook presence in spite of my general non-sociability. I figured it would give my books more exposure, maybe have a big Hollywood producer see them, make them into movies. Make me rich as Trump claims to be.

I have few “Friends” on Facebook. Mostly family. I just counted them: 29 Friends, 25 of them are family or married to family. I soon found out way more about their leanings, both political and religious, than I ever wanted to know. For some reason, things that people would not talk about in a bar, or even at a family dinner, are OK to post and have go not just to “Friends” but also “Friends of Friends”. That is where most of my swill comes from, F of F. Although my own family posts a lot of political and religious stuff that shows up on my page. Facebook won’t let you filter your incoming stuff finer than Friends of Friends.

And the gain in book reviews or sales? None. I have had exactly zero visitors and posts and reviews on the books page. I get no ROI on Facebook, so I am getting out. But I would like to expand here on the issue of political and religious postings.

When did it get this way? When did everyone start thinking others cared about their political stance or their relationship with some religion? Even when you discount the totally loony, the “Obama Forces Congress to Open With Muslim Prayer” crap, there are at least ten a day of Hillary or Trump doings hitting my page. I don’t care; probably most people don’t. If you have not made up your mind who to vote for by now, you may not deserve to vote.

Do the forwarders of this swill think this might change someones mind? Or are they just selfish, uncaring weasels that want to make their own opinion known?

And religious matters. Whatever happened to keeping it under your hat? Your relationship with whatever invisible person you pray to is of no concern to others. Most of what I get is Christian. But there are a few Buddhist and Muslim and Hindu things thrown in as well. I never get any Wiccan or Satanism articles. But they would be just as offensive.

The bigger question here is my original one: at what point did people suddenly decide that their personal religious and political beliefs are of interest to anyone else? I don’t have the answer. And since I cannot stop the flow, I will leave Facebook behind as I have left Google and others that abuse the online experience.

” … So long New York  … Howdy, East Orange.” Bob Dylan

A Couple of Political Items – Ignore if you wish


Item number one: at this point, I do not believe any Trump supporters will ever change their vote. And I do not believe any Hillary supporters will ever change theirs. So, why don’t we stop the constant social media barrage of furious commentary? It will change no minds and just angries up the blood. Maybe a few Independent voters are still on the fence, but I doubt it.

Item number two: I cannot get the image out of my mind of Trump as Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove, riding the GOP down. You remember how Slim rode the bomb down? It seems like Trump is taking a ride on the Grand Old Party, spanking it as he rides it down.

Or maybe not.