Ignorance or Something Else?


Feeble-minded. Imbecile. Cretin. Idiot. Moron. Special. Retarded. Ignoramus. Stupid. And my personal favorite, Crazy.

There are a lot of terms for some sort of mental disability, the preferred one now being Intellectual Disability. But none of them fit the category of people this blog entry addresses. If you are one of them, you won’t be reading this because you already know everything you need to know or will ever learn.

See, a lot of times people call others ignorant when they don’t accept facts. But ignorance is not knowing. A person can be ignorant of something, say, thermodynamics, and if they desire to, can study it to become no longer ignorant on the subject.

It is the ones that know such knowledge exists but simply refuse to believe it or give it credence that I am addressing: the deliberately closeminded, illogical, irrational, unreasoning person. These are the ones that, in spite of tons of evidence otherwise, that there is no climate change. Or that evolution is a ‘theory’ despite years of findings and actual facts proving its existence. Or that vaccinations can harm you so much that you refuse to get your child shots, thereby endangering every other child and adult on the planet. Yeah, those are the ones I’m taking about.

A number of them excuse their craziness by claiming religious grounds. The, “If Jesus didn’t say it, it don’t exist,” argument. Or if some unknown citizens from about 200 A.D. wrote down (or more likely told somebody since they were illiterate) say the world is 6000 by-god years old, then it is. Period. But the God argument won’t get you far when you are rejecting vaccinations or climate change.

What happens, I think, is that these (insert your own pejorative here) get on TV with their nonsense, because TV loves conflict and cannot the value of crazy talk from actual science. If all these loonies would just take the time to research the facts before cementing their beliefs in place, the world would be better off. But their minds are closed as soon as they find something they like. Bah.


Job Elimination? Gimme a Dose.


I notice that the coal miners in West Virginia are down on Hillary for saying that they will be out of jobs because coal is dead. I am no Hillary fan, but they are stripping the wrong land here.

Coal is dead, but not because of politicians. It is dirty. Costly. Inefficient. Envoronmentally bad. Dangerous. Not that any of that would cause a businessman to move away from it. As soon as something – anything – came along that was better, they moved on. Why do these poor workers think they are any different from buggymakers that were displaced by the automobile or CD drive manufacturers who were eliminated by flash memory? Film camera makers that were done in by digital cameras?

Do they think the Country ought to keep on digging coal when something better is available just so they can have jobs? That’s foolish. I know that sorry-ass politicians keep defense plants and bases open for jobs even after the military says it no longer needs them. But this is absurd. Are we taxpayers to support every industry when it becomes obsolete just so there will be jobs? Might as well just cut them a government check every month instead.

There have been entire industries shut down and lost because of ‘progress’. It is too bad for the people involved, but their fight is with big business, not Washington. If coal was profitable, you can bet your ass they would still be digging it. That’s all they care about: can I make a pile? Why do you think the assholes send plants to Mexico or China? I was in the pipeline business for many years, and the rolling of pipe went overseas as soon as it was cheaper. I am sure pipe mill workers here in the United States lamented that. But is was your buddy the businessman that made that decision, not the government.

Here is a telling fact: you don’t hear the owners yelling about this being unfair. They are going to get theirs no matter who is in Washington. So move on, folks. There’s nothing to see here.