Government … and Ignorance


I am not sure where to begin. Certainly both items are major factors in our lives. And they are unfortunately intertwined like a ball of snakes.

There are many people who don’t like government. Some want to get rid of any regulations and laws concerning banking, highway, food inspection, education, shit – you name it. Some go as far as wanting it cut back to only national defense. Those people are usually only talking about the national government. But maybe not. Local government dabbles in those areas as well.

Let me ask these ignorant sons of bitches if they plan to purchase their own police and fire departments, build their own goddam highways, allow businesses to put any kind of stuff they want to in meat. You like having clean food, don’t you? Because, folks, these government services are socialism. That vile, creeping commie rat word. Yeah, the government takes money from everyone, whether they want to pay or nor, and spends it one things that are good for society, whether the individual wants it or not. You might be a rich old fart that has no children in school. You still have to pay school taxes. You might be a poor lady with no car, but you pay for roads anyway.

That is where the ignorance comes in. These people are determinedly, arrogantly, proudly stupid. They refuse to countenance science or reason. Global warming, logic, religion, it is all the same bag of cats. They simply ignore any facts that so not fit what they want to believe.

So now it is election season, and the loonies are coming from their hiding places under the sofa. You like capitalism? Think maybe sometime you will be one of those rich people? Well, let capitalism run amok: Let the banks do whatever they want, let businesses steal and cheat and defraud people. Hey, businesses are good, right? If they get caught, why, let the stockholders pay the fine and move on. Money is King. If you don’t have a pile, it is your own fault.

Don’t want to have the government telling you what to do, because you are a strong, rich, individual that has pulled yourself up from nothing by your own bootstraps? Ask your ignorant self why we have these government funded services. Because people want them, need them. Without roads, no one can get their wheelbarrow full of money to the bank. Without a fire department, you could lose your mansion and no one would help you stomp out the fire. Without prisons, there would be no place to keep the ones that can’t afford lawyers.

You want to be, and perhaps think of yourself, as a Rugged Individualist. You don’t need anyone of anything. You could live in a cabin in Alaska with no utilities, kill and clean your own food bears, shit in an outhouse, chop and dry trees for heat and cooking, set your own broken leg, and raise a pack of wild, ignorant children (if you can convince a woman to go with you). Loonies. Everything you do, all the shit you take for granted and assume you did on your own, comes from some type of collective investment, by citizens banding together to pay for some needed service. And you use them. So much for your Rugged Individual. Be sure to vote for the asshole of your choice.


Fish? I hope to Shit in your Messkit.


I created Hogville for the same reason Faulkner created Yoknapatawpha, a fictional place where things happened. There is no Hogville in Georgia. But it works for me and keeps the real place from being overrun with gawkers and thrill-seekers looking to have some of my fame rub off on them. This little piece is about Hogville and fishing.

We knew about fishing. It was something you did in a river or pond. There were only three types of fish: long ones, called “trout”; flat ones, called “brim”; and catfish.

We had no real trout, which are sleek, silvery, uptown fish. What we called ‘trout’ were generally bass of the large and small mouth variety. Sometimes a wandering pike would get caught. Our ‘trout’ were mean, snarling fish, not effete at all.

Our brim (bream) were ovally, seedlike fish, generically called freshwater sunfish (but not by us): redbreast, bluegills, bream, perch, and warmouth.

Catfish were catfish unless they were big, and then they were turdrasslers.

These fish were caught and eaten on a regular basis. But we had all heard of ocean fish. So, one time when I was a senior in high school, or it may have been in the Summer after I graduated, a couple of locals planned up a trip. They would take an assortment of local citizens and charter a party boat at Mayport, in Jacksonville, Florida. A good time was anticipated by all. It was a riotous good time. Everyone stayed drunk for days and all sorts of things occurred. I wrote a story about it and included it in my Tales of The Coastal Plain. No need to go into it here again. I just wanted to note that about Hogville and the fish.