Restraining Order? What a Larf

CLV00013_1So another bozo has violated a Court Order to stay away and has instead gone and killed some people. It’s clear that these Restraining Orders do nothing useful, and may even inflame the Crazy Person to go more crazy.

What’s the answer? Simple. Just avoid the middle man and have the police shoot the guy as soon as the order is issued. They will end up doing it anyway. This way, innocent people won’t die and the end result will be the same.


Stock Car Racing? Bah.



You all know what I think of the modern NASCAR©®™. The short piece in my Essays book explains it all. But it keeps getting worse. I “watched” the Daytona 500® today the way I watch them all now: I recorded it and zipped through until something happens. Which was essentially never. That reduces the amount of time I spend to minutes instead of hours.

The race is boring, boring, boring. The constant drone of announcers that appear to be paid by the word. The increasingly intrusive graphics. The endless circling with no action. Sure, the drivers are safer now. But at the cost of all the excitement. If you don’t believe me, watch a telecast of an old race – say from the 1970’s or 1980’s. Back when they were actually cars that might be bought by a human. Back when drivers were not cookie cutter stamped corporate spokesmen.

But that’s not why I called this meeting. I was wondering if they will ever release the hounds, let the cars run without those asinine restrictor plates at Talladega and Daytona. Bill Elliott© ran 212 MPH before they put them on. With improved engine and chassis technology, I bet they could hit Indy Car© speeds or better at those high-banked tracks. And it would let the faster cars run away from the slower ones. Those big stupid packs are what is boring.

Golf is also boring. Or watching people shoot pool or play poker. But those things have always been boring spectator sports. Stock car racing used to be Fun. Now it’s not.

Sociology From Behind a Schoolbus



I was third in line behind a school bus coming back from the store today. Based on appearance is seemed to be a combined elementary and middle school group of children (let me note that you will not hear human offspring called “kids” here. That sounds Goofy and Stupid [two lesser Dwarfs]).

After a few stops, I saw a pattern. My first thought was, “How goddam many human children can fit on a school bus?” But I always keep a level head. I do not allow things over which I have no control to unhinge me, so the delays, instead of grinding me down, offered me a chance to observe the unloading process.

There were two immediate facts to note. One was that most – maybe 90% – of the children were getting off at the entrances to apartment complexes. Only a very few were getting off at housing subdivisions. The second was that about the same percentage was, at least visually, black or hispanic. I did not jump out and ask each child what their ancestry was. That would have been unseemly. But I would not have misidentified a lot of them.

That brings up many social and economic thoughts. The first thing that jumps out at you is that most children live in apartments. That must be due to the high initial cost to get into a house, because apartment rent is very high, as much or more than the typical mortgage payment, so monthly cost would not be the determining factor. This may also be affected by the streets I return home on, it is nearly all middle/upper middle class suburbs. Still, the number of children that were offloaded at apartments was many times greater than the number at the entrances to subdivisions. I do not believe the number of units is affecting this. In my housing subdivision there are hundreds of houses. In an apartment complex there are hundreds of units. Could it be that adults in apartments copulate more often and more productively, resulting in more offspring? Or are people that live in apartments members of some strange primitive religious cult that precludes them from using birth control? Something is afoot.

The second thing, the number of minority children compared to the white (appearing) children was also puzzling. Do white children not go to public schools anymore? Are they being driven to and from class by someone? I know children of this age group do not have their own vehicles. Is it possible that black/hispanic adults are having more children than caucasian adults? Or is it, again, an economic issue: that the vast majority of minority children have no option but public schools and bus transportation, therefore they are seen getting off school buses in greater numbers. I know the percentage of black and hispanic families that are in the lower part of the income curve is greater than their percentage in the overall population.

In the house vs. apartment issue, are cultural matters involved? Would a hispanic family prefer to live in an apartment and save money for a business or a lowrider, or a black family decide to buy fancy 24″ wheels and rims rather than make a down payment on a house? White people have always seemed to make owning a house a big deal. But it might not be that priority to other cultures. I realize that sounds racist or something bad. But I believe real sociology studies show that different cultural groupings dispose of their income in different ways. They consider different things important. To balance this out, because I am not a racist, I’ll add that when a hillbilly gets his hands on some money (maybe from a Bigfoot fraud), what he wants is a pickumup truck and a big iron pot so he can go into business by the roadside selling boiled peanuts. Or if a redneck gets some money, a new gun rack and some things to raise his truck four feet off the ground are what he desires most.

On the giant number of minority children, are entertainment issues involved? Caucasians seem to drop fun sex as soon as they can gracefully do so after getting married. They replace it with white people stuff like bridge, soccer practice, tennis, golf, neighborhood watch associatons, green lawns . . . all kinds of things that make them unavailable or too tired to have fun sex. Fun sex results in children a lot of times. In fact, have you ever noticed the differences between Recreational Sex and Procreational Sex? If a pair are having sex to conceive a child, it is work. They monitor times and leap into sex as soon as the biology says to, even if they are not “in the mood”. Also, it changes the dynamics of the act: the task at hand is to deposit as many Lively Sperm (good name for a rock band. Feel free to use it if you wish.) as possible directly onto the cervix. That means no recreational sex, since that uses up sperm that could be put to better use. Save it all for the Right Time. Also, the post-ejaculate activities change, because the female partner has to immediately throw herself upside down to assure that the Pesky Semen (another one.) goes where it will do the most good. You might want to take along a ham sandwich if you are the male part of this so you have something to eat while you are holding her lower parts up in the air, using gravity to puddle the juice. Mmmm. Ham sandwich on white bread with Hellmans® mayonnaise, black pepper, and lettuce. Tasty.

Recreational sex, on the other hand, is spontaneous, casual, and freeform. It usually involves dancing, drinking, fighting, and other fun stuff. Most people have recreational sex more often than pregnancy-seeking sex, even those that have been told by the Pope to keep on having children until it hurts.

Another factor, at least in the case of illegal aliens/undocumented residents, is the clause in our Constitution that says if you are born here, you are a citizen, period. Anchor babies are all the vogue. It takes a pretty mean ICEman to throw out the parents of a little citizen.

Regardless of the reason, it seems to be a fact that soon the caucasians will be the minority. When that happens, will the new majority (probably it will be Hispanics, as they are outreproducing everyone else) take over the White Guilt load? Will they start playing a lot of tennis, worrying about how green their lawn is, being concerned about that crazy old rap music? Will white people flee back to their native countries? What will the black people do? They will still be a minority, but the people in charge will owe them nothing.

It’s something to think about. Get behind a bus sometime and see sociology at work. Bring a ham sandwich.