Blast From The Past


I am re-publishing a post from an old blog I had some years back. It is so trenchant, so carefully crafted, so compelling that I had to use it here. So pretend that the date is six years ago and enjoy this.


Well, I am finished here.
Remember on Barney Miller© when Wojohoitz [phonetic spelling] accidentally outed the patrolman from downstairs, I believe it was Officer Zatelli? The patrolman rose from the task he was working on and said, “Well, I’m finished here.”

I did my last day of work today. I have been doing consulting and contract work in the whirling, swirling, exciting world of process control electronics for six years since I retired. I finished my final project today and bailed out. I left by the back door so no one even knew I was gone. Later, I sent them an email saying I was done and I had been glad to know them and work with them.

The thing is, I am an introvert. I can’t abide mixing social and professional spheres. I do my work, expect others to do the same, and I do not want to know about their lives outside the job. I keep my family and private life to myself, and I wish for the same in return. It is unfair to them, as they are wanting, seeking, desiring any occasion to have a party, to celebrate something. I cannot do it. So I ghosted in and out.

Miss Manners© even supports my position. She says it is Unfortunate that modern companies insist on trying to blend their employees personal, social and professional lives. They are different. You can choose your friends; you cannot choose your workmates. You do not give gifts to your coworkers, and you do not ask your friends to get into the cable trough with you to pull some wire. This is clear to me and Miss Manners©, but not to any extrovert I ever met (and I have worked with a certified shitload of them).

Anyway, I won’t be going back that way again (unless they have an emergency and want to come up with a zillibuck). Hahahahah



AZS50069  Today I will speak of glue.

Glue should be sold as a one-time use item. I have never had an already opened glue work. It doesn’t matter if it’s super or wood or mucilage. As soon as you use glue the first time, throw it away. You will never get another use from it and the now useless container will mock you every time you want to use it.

I had a tube of super glue next to my PC. I forget why. I think I was gluing the wing back on an artificial angel about three weeks ago. I wanted to use it this day, but Noooo. It was dried all the way through. I cut the tube open and it was completely useless. I guess I was lucky. That kind of glue is usually sold in a small container. But I have had giant bottles dry out just as much. That’s all I have for today.