A Political Diatribe


I’m an old white male Southerner. I would be the standard Republican voter except for one demographic: I am not a conservative, particularly on so-called social issues. What folks do in their bedrooms and who they do it with, and what hard decisions they make concerning their bodies is none of my business. Or yours.

I consider myself a moderate. I believe in gun ownership by citizens. Not without rules concerning who should be allowed to purchase and carry them, however.

I vote every chance I get, and truly try to vote for the best candidate for an office, regardless of their stated affiliation. By best, I mean most likely to be honest, and perhaps to have the Peoples interest rather than his at heart. I never vote for an avowed religious freak of any stripe.

The group I am in, the old white male (in case I have to use this phrase a lot, I am calling it henceforth OWM), makes up the bulk of the Republican Party. Sure, some of them have their womenfolk vote their way. Theirs is a paternalistic society, and the little lady would not know who to vote for if not told. In general, it is the party of old white people with money.

This group is dying. Literally. Every year there are fewer of them. Like Dylan said, “The Times They Are A Changin”. Their upright, ordered world is crashing around them and they are afraid. Too many smart, young, non-Christian, non-straight, non-white, non-male citizens are gathering.

You wonder why these old white guys still have so much power? Because of the way the Constitution is written. Every state gets two Senators. That means California gets the same number as Nevada, even though there are way more people in California. Those two Nevada votes carry the same weight.

And state houses. Gerrymandering has made the entire South and West safe for rural conservative OWM’s. Because these state legislatures are feedlots for the Washington political establishment, many more Republicans backed by OWM’s get elected to national office, far out of proportion to their numbers in society.

Have you ever noticed that cities are nearly always Democratic (liberal leaning, although there are plenty of Democrats that are not liberal) and rural areas are nearly always Republican? That is because cities are filled with non-OWM’s. The OWM’s tend to migrate to where there is no one different from them.

The smart OWM’s know this; they see this train coming. But they do not give a shit. They know by the time the cowcatcher gets to them, they will be dead (because they are old). In the meantime, they alienate.

They alienate most women, blacks, Hispanics, LGBT’s, the poor, intellectuals, and anyone that is not a Christian fundamentalist. How many are left? About 10% of the population. They might get 20% by picking up the financial conservatives that don’t care about anything but money, and a few disgruntled blue-collar workers that mistakenly identify with them, thinking the rising boat will lift them.

These loonies know you can’t win a national election with 20% of the vote, so as soon as the clown show nominating season is over, they start pulling back for the middle ground. Not that their beliefs have changed; they are just whores for votes and will do literally anything to get elected. I take that back about whores. Whores are honest workers, offering a service for money. These politicians are not that pure.

For now, their clown bus is lurching straight for the far right edge, where the lunatic fringe lives: the militias, apocalypse freaks, survivalists, tinfoil hat wearers, and crazy cabin-dwellers lurk. They outdo each other in their vitriol, hoping to get one more sound bite, one more crazies vote. One of them occasionally falls from the bus, to roll in the dust and spit promises of coming doom.

I wish Hunter Thompson were here to see this. He would love it.