Milk? No Thanks.

ABY50277     Let’s talk about milk. Milk can come from many mammals. No matter, this is Cow.

I do not drink milk. It doesn’t taste good, is thick, and doesn’t contain alcohol. I eat cheese, which is solidified milk, but not the juicy kind. Hard cheese like gouda and parmesan are for me.

Anyway we didn’t gather here to talk about cheese, but my dislike of milk. I can trace the dislike to my youth. I had an Aunt and Uncle who had a real farm, with a quack quack here and a moo moo there. She used to go out every morning and milk a cow or two. They drank that mmilk pretty much stright from the beast, still hot and foaming, and as likely as not to have dark particles floating in it.

I don’t have to tell you that a cow is not the most fastidious of creatures. They rarely bathe, and the underside of a cow is prone to pick up Stuff. Nothing but chance keeps that Stuff from the milk bucket. Sure, my Aunt strained it through cheescloth to get the big hunks out. But a discerning mind like mine knew that there were some particles that would excape this primitive filter.

No matter, they drank it, and if I wanted something to drink (besides well water, which had it’s own tastes), I did too. I believe my dislike of milk came from those times. Even though the supermarket product is far removed from the Cow, it still retains the basic structure: white, thick, smelly, and likely to go bad in a heartbeat.

Imagine the first cave man that said, “Let’s go squeeze that animal and drink what comes out.”


What’s Up With Cuba?

BOH50022     Ever wonder what secret every incoming President is told about Cuba? There must be something so horrifying that whoever is elected, Democrat or Republican, they immediately extend the sanctions and ‘no travel’ restrictions.

Figure it to yourself: we are buddies with everyone we have ever warred with (except current wars). England. Italy. Spain. Germany has twice in the last hundred years tried to take over the world. We are asshole buddies with them. Vietnam was important enough to fight over to keep the Commies out of California, but we are buddies with them.

But Cuba, a very poor country that doesn’t appear to be a military threat, is still one of the few places Americans cannot travel to. Is it because they are Commie Rats? Other South American countries are as well. Did Castro say something bad about Kennedy’s mother? Or what? I am not sure I would want to go. But it would be nice to have someone explain why Cuba is so bad while other countries that have actually killed many American citizens are OK.