Time Like A River

My brother-in-law, my wifes brother, passed away last night. He was some older than her and spent a lifeime teasing her about everything a brother can tease a sister about with deep affection. He was an alive, fun seeking man. Everyone loved him. We both have things we wish we had done with him when we had the chance.

But it never happens that way. I wish, now that it’s too late, I had one more day with my grandmother Meme or my mother, Hey. You don’t get those small things done because of other intrusions by life: paying bills, running errands, working, doing your own thing. But in the end, those things are unimportant. Nobody ever says as their final words, “I wish I had paid those bills earlier” or “I’m sure glad I got those tires rotated”. Instead, you wish you had spent more time doing the things you enjoy with those you care for.

It’s not a new lesson or one that seems to stick. We all know it, but seldom apply it to our own lives. Time flows in one direction. Use it wisely.


Snake Boots


So I have these snake gaiters. The picture here is of snake boots, but I don’t have a picture of snake gaiters. What they do is strap around your lower leg from just below the knee to your ankle. They rest on top of your shoes, presenting the serpent an impenetrable barrier of heavy canvas and wire screen. It is a real surprise for him when he bites down and finds not squishy flesh, but hard steel and fabric.

The thing is, I haven’t seen a venomous snake here in years. I know they live here, but none of them seem to come into my yard. I wonder if they know I have these gaiters? The last snake I saw here was a common garter snake about two years ago. I did see a gopher tortoise one time, but these are not tortoise gaiters. Turtles can’t strike very far anyway.

I bought these gaiters in my previous life as a control systems engineer. Some of our work involved surveying sites for remote VHF radios for SCADA systems, and that required stomping through remote snaky areas. Places that the snake had every right to consider theirs. But I am retired now, and the only time I use these is to drag yard debris deep into the woods behind the house.


Latest Book Published!

ANH50130a     Yes, folks, I am back with a new book. In this one we enter the town of Hoseville, crumbling icon of the industrial age. Therein, we meet many interesting characters: Edison and his sidekick Leviticus, Sunshine the teenage hippy girl; Redbird, her dance instructor employer; a bartender with secrets; and a dope gang.

Edison accidentally comes into a large packet of dope. At least he thinks and hopes it’s dope. Then things start to happen. It is available from Smashwords or any of their distribution outlets.