How Did It Get This Way?

BUN50047   Have you noticed that it is the men usually that must initiate the Valentine Day rituals? You never hear of the women, or let us say, feminine, or even better, the romantic party taking the lead. What is that? Let us assume, to avoid any charges of sexism or dumbism, that one partner in a relationship is more romantic than the other. I mean that in the goopy way, not the sexual way. One sees the beauty of a rose, the odor of a jasmine, etc. The other usually prefers to see things blow up. In the classic male/female pairing, the romantic one is usually the female.

I do not mean it is an absolute. I am sure there are exceptions, and I could not begin to classify same-sex relationships, but I assume they are the same way: with the majority having one romantic partner and the other not so much. What I am speaking of today is the classic relationship, between a male person and a female person, where usually the female is the romantic one.

Why then, does convention have the male, the unromantic lout, expected to handle the delicate intricacies of planning and executing a romantic evening or event? It seems that the one with the expertise, the female, would take over this. That way, she could be sure to get what she wants and that there would be no disappointments from her saying, for example, “Oh, you don’t have to get me anything” and the male person assuming she means it.

What would it take to reverse this and make the romantic one the initiator? Just a thought …


Alice’s Brunswick Stew, Modified


Alice Meaders gave me this recipe. It’s beauty was that all the ingredients were in cans, and freely available in supermarkets. And it was damn good, better than most restaurants. Unfortunately, I was only able to make it twice before Castleberry changed their BBQ pork and beef in cans to some sweet flavored stuff. So I have modified it. Don’t worry, it makes it better. This is the original recipe, in case you have a stash of Castleberry’s in your survival bunker.


2 14.5 oz cans creamed corn (or as close to 14 as you can get. Her recipe just called for the regular size can, which I think is 14.5 oz)

Castleberry’s BBQ pork, either 2 small cans or one large can

Castleberry’s BBQ beef, small can

1 can white meat chicken, the small tuna fish size can

2 14 oz cans diced tomatoes

1 medium obion chopped fine

frozen or canned limas (optional)

Saute the onion for a short time in a little butter. Then add everything else (including the lima beans if you insist) and heat it on low until it is bubbly and the onions are soft, stirring often because it will burn on the bottom.

Put hot sauce on it if you like hot sauce and eat.


Because the canned meat is not available, I made my own pork and beef and chicken. You can still get the chicken, but since you are cooking anyway, might as well use the real thing. Get yourself about a 2 lb hunk of leanish pork roast, butt is good. You will have a hard time finding that small a roast, so cut a hunk off a bigger one and freeze the rest for another day. Do the same with a beef chuck roast. But don’t use quite as much, maybe a pound. Get hold of four chicken thighs.

Put all this meat in a slow cooker with about a cup of orange juice, salt, pepper, and a peeled garlic clove. Cook it until it falls apart, about four to six hours. Remove any visible chicken skin, fat hunks, and all bones. Shred the meat all up. Cut it if there are super long strands. Put all the neat in your Brunswick Stew pot. Since this is more meat than the original recipe, you will maybe need to add some of your meat cooking juice to keep the stew from being too thick. Be sure to add some Johnny Harris Original BBQ sauce, to taste. Correct the seasoning. Then eat it up.

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