Moved Book

Image I moved my book “Changes” from Amazon to Smashwords. It involves a loser boy that hits the lottery and finds chnages. The reason I moved it was it was lost in the mass at Amazon and wasn’t selling. So if you want to get it, it is hot on Smashwords soon …


Xmas Time Again


Here it is Christmas Eve. Not as exciting as when I was a child, but still a time for drinking and eating and receiving and giving presents. I remember one Xmas I got a four-track slot racing set and by the time morning came, the adult men that had set it up had worn out the contact braid on the cars and it didn’t work. Hahahahaha.

The problem with most adults is that they have everything by now, or they got it during the year. That’s why there is so much ‘regifting’ and returns afterward. I have been married to Nancy for 45 years, so we have exchanged many presents. I try to keep an ear to the keyhole during the year to get some hint about what she wants.

I sold another book yesterday. Yahoo, another 40 cents in my pocket. Just wait until one of them gets discovered by Hollywood and they make it ito a movie …