New Book Nearly Done


I have been working for some time now on a novel of the coming warm age. It is as topical as todays headlines, and I am feeling pressed to get it done before it becomes history rather than speculative fiction. Just yesterday, new warnings of sped-up ice melting were on TV.

The book concerns the changes that will take place after the sea level rise is done, when the planet gets drier and warmer. There is action and science. You may enjoy it.

I am working on a final edit and a cover now. I expect it will be published by the end of August. As the book developed, it started to look like it might be a trilogy. I am still thinking about that.

Well, it is obvious that it wasn’t done by the end of August. The final edit and cover design is still happening today, Septerber 21. But for sure by the end of September.


So Who Do I Think I Am? And More.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA   I am scattered around the Internet as various pseudonyms. You will see me mostly as Mister URL. In a few places I am the Duke Of URL. In one place I am TheDude. The latter is clearly a tribute to the character in the movie, The Big Lebowski. That Dude was one laid back guy.

The others are more opaque and clever. In my opinion. Many years ago, about 1955, there was a song Speedo by The Cadillacs. It was good, and had the memorable lyrics:

Well now, they often call me Speedo
But my real name is Mr. Earl

When Mister URL is taken, I try for another one that is just as good, Duke of URL. In 1962, a much different place in my life from 1955, Gene Chandler had the big hit with Duke of Earl. No need to put the lyrics of that here: you all know them by heart. I will use DukeOfURL where they don’t allow spaces. If you see me at a forum, sometimes accompanied by the Big Eye above, you will know it is me, Maybe. Unless someone beat me to the username.

I do not publish books under those names. I use my real name for that. I do not want to confuse the IRS when those big checks start rolling in.

But that’s not why I called you here today. I want to go over why I do not always describe the characters in my books fully. I could take paragraphs to delineate their eye color and shape, perhaps even the spacing (trout-like vs. possum-like), the size and shape of their nose, including the nostrils. I could spend a page on the texture and cross-sectional shape of their hair. But I mostly leave a blank canvas. I will fill in the big hunks, say, the characters gender. And if there is anything unusual you should know, like she only has one eye, I will mention that. But mostly I leave it to the readers imagination to fill in the details. It is good exercise for your brain. No need to thank me. You will have time for that when it delays the onset of dementia.

The other reason I leave it to the reader is that your version of the characters appearance may be superior to mine. Suppose my one-eyed woman to me was simply the result of a pirate accident, where she started out as a normal binocular female and ended up with one eye poked out. That is fairly mundane. But your vision may have formed her as a cyclops, with her eye in the middle of her forehead. That is a whole different story. I have often wondered how if feels to always be looking down and seeing nose blocking the lower field of view. It would mean you could not see your feet. Like a very fat man, you would have to lean way over to see them. If you were a cyclops, would you have a nosectomy, to remove the offending protrusion and give you a full field of vision? Remember, you are already handicapped by only having no depth perception. You could have your magnificent cyclopian woman striding through the pages of my book like a Colossus.  It just goes to show you.

Anyway, that is why I usually do not provide detailed descriptions of how my characters look.