I have finished my mystery novel. Set in current times, primarily on an isolated chunk of Maine’s coast, it is strange. It will be up on Smashwords in a few days. It is named GRAY STONE.


civilwarcover2   I have published the final part of my Civil War novel on Smashwords. It will be available for review in a day or two. I am almost finished with my Maine novel.

Here’s Something New

I have not posted for a few days. There are a couple of reasons for that. Make it three. One, no surreal or profound thoughts have happened in my head recently. Two, I have been writing on my next book, a mysterious kind of think involving an old house inherited in Maine. And three, I am filled with languidity. Perhaps I need a tonic. Or a gin and tonic. Ha ha ha.

I anticipate finishing the book in a week or two. I am starting to idea covers in my head.

You may have noticed a new header photo here. That is a microprocessor card I helped design when I was working in the whirling, swirling world of pipeline control.