Getting Tired of the Willful Ignorance

I am sick of politics. All of them: Reps, Dems, Libs, Cons. You shake up a box of politicians and dump them out and you cannot tell them apart. They are all squealing pigs. Not nearly as good as honest whores or burglars. Now they speak of impeaching that wormy judge as if that’s possible. Either they think we are dummies or they are. I’ll retract that. They know we are dummies, otherwise why would we keep sending the jackals back year after year?

What about a Republican controlled Senate do they not understand? They can posture and thrash and moan but in the end, the turtlehead one will simply not impeach. Either the President or any of his judges. And I cannot help but believe they know that. So they must be doing it for our benefit, making us think they are busy doing something when it really is just buzz work, “Let’s keep the masses occupied with shiny objects until they re-elect us”.

You have to figure these weasels know how the impeachment process works. They know it is impossible at this time in history to impeach a Republican. If they get control of the Senate after 2020, maybe. Even then it is hard – it was meant to be hard. And if they know this, and are just making sounds by moving their mouths, they must be doing it to make the monkeys – us – keep quiet and eat our bananas and by the time reelection comes up, we will have forgotten about it and will return them to their privileged places at the trough.

Anyway, I am tired of it so I will rant no more about it. You are all on your won. Be sure to Vote, put your shitheads back in for another term. After all, my guy is OK, it’s the others that are bad.


Journalists? Bah!

You may remember me ranting about opinion vs. news. Here is another factor that has changed journalism. The reporters never ask follow up questions. You notice that they will let some shithead politician say any fool thing they want and never question it, just let it go out over the air.

This is more of a problem with TV and radio than print. Not only do they not make it clear what is fact and what is opinion, they never question the self-serving statements that those they interview make. For example, if some idiot says ‘vaccines are bad for you’ they never say anything about the weight of scientific evidence against that. THERE ARE NOT TWO SIDES TO EVERY ISSUE.

Another thing is the quality of the writing. Cliches rule. Hurricanes are always ‘braced for’. And later they ‘slam into’ the coast. Can’t they buy a Thesaurus and get some new words? And the stupid clips of people buying water and toilet paper. Every year, every storm, the same thing.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

The Tiny Minority Rules!



Perhaps you have heard of the current flare-up in the gun control issue … following a couple of recent mass shootings by crazy men there has been the predictable lamenting and tearing of hair and copious dispensation of thoughts and prayers, along with the usual calls for more controls on who gets firearms.

Even His Orangeness called for stricter background checks before a lunatic can buy a gun. That lasted until he got a call from the High Eminence of The NRA. About the same time, the Tortoise headed one crept from his lair and refused to bring forward a Bill to restrict sales of firearms to crazies. That Bill was the rare bird that enjoyed bipartisan support.

This is funny because most politics is all about polls: things get done or not done based on how many citizens want them to be. Because all these turds want to be re-elected. You may recall a rant of mine from some years back about how they will do anything -simply anything – to retain their place at the trough, so they don’t have to do back to Podunkville and just be a common person, like, say, you.

But in this case, the issue of ‘Should It Be Harder For A Crazy Man To Buy A Firearm?’ where the polls show near unanimous support for making it harder, these weasels, a very few of them, have decided that, ‘Nah, we are good with the way it is’, even though more than 90% of the population wants restrictions. You cannot get 90% of citizens to agree on anything. But they agree on this.

It’s about money. Money and gerrymandered districts that make these sonsofbitches safe even when they go against the will of their constituents. It is wrong, it makes our election process a laff riot. So enjoy your freedoms and save some thoughts and prayers for the next time.

I will add one more thing on this subject, then I am done with it. None of these Bills have tried to stop a normal person from getting a gun. They do not restrict or outlaw any form of weapon. The purpose is to try to keep crazy men from buying guns. Even NRA members are in favor of this. But some people claim it is the camels nose. That damn camel. The idea maintains that as soon as you keep crazy people from having guns, Baptists are next. Or Mechanics. Or Engineers. That camel nose under the tent would be the ol’ slippery slope. Really? Do you think considering how hard it is to get something that EVERYONE agrees is a good thing passed, that you could ever pass a law keeping guns from away from any group that was even marginally normal? So the camel nose does not hold up to the smell test.

Now I’m done with this matter. Y’all have fun.

Here’s an Add-on to the Previous Post …

You noticed that in my previous screed I whined about news and opinion not being clearly delineated by the broadcaster. As part of that I discovered this.

In my search for news I found another issue that I take issue with. Goddam commercials. I don’t know if you have noticed it, or if you even watch enough TV so you are aware of it, but commercials take up almost half the air time now. You can switch between eight or ten channels and they will all have ads on. Watch awhile (if you can stand it) and you will see that these ads go on for minutes at a time.

I hate commercials. It is one of the main reasons I hardly ever watch TV anymore, except for this early morning dip into the news. I would cut loose from it altogether but I am loathe to lose the last link I have to the outside world, the one that most people call normality.

News. Or Opinion?

Remember news and reporters? Walter Cronkite, Huntley/Brinkley. Dan Rather? In the earlier days of television, there were actual news programs, labeled as such in your TV Guide®, usually a half hour or an hour. Almost all the major networks had them (there were no cable channels then) and the consumers that wished to avoid them simply did not watch during those times.

The items reported were hard news, that is, the same type of articles that might have appeared in a newspaper, using the old ‘Who, What, Where, When’ and sometimes, when known, ‘Why’. While you could not always rely on the final result because any news is volatile, perhaps changing by the minute, it was factual as far as possible. They seldom speculated and were reluctant to offer opinions until time had passed and the facts were both complete and verified.

You remember that? Maybe not if you are young. The reason I bring it up is that I usually wake up around 5 a.m. and cannot go back to sleep so I watch TV for a time. Maybe you do the same, or do it a bit later. In any case, there is a plethora of ‘news’ on at all times of day now, so you will never miss anything. I go through all of them: FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, reading the crawls as well as listening to the words of the talking heads.

It sounds frightfully boring and is, but it only takes a half hour or so, and when the endless commercials start on one channel, you can just switch to another and hope they are not also having a five minute string of ads. It is no longer surprising how the same story or issue is given a different slant by the different networks. At this point, I suppose everyone knows that FOX is quite conservative, CNN is somewhat liberal, and MSNBC is quite liberal.

This is not as it should be. News does not have a political slant. It should just be a dry reporting of the facts as they are known, with corrections as they occur. So what is this shit if it’s not news? It is goddam opinion, that’s what. When you realize that, and compare the words the heads are spouting to the crawl that shows real news, you can begin to discount most of what they say. All of them, liberal and conservative.

You may also notice that these shows are not tagged in any way as ‘news’ and ‘opinion’. They are all talking heads sitting on a couch or behind a desk. It is hard for the American citizen to determine what is hard news, facts, and what is simply some asshole’s viewpoint, which has even less value than your own opinion

And because these cable channels are on 24 hours a day, and there is seldom actually news enough to fit that much time, they make shit up. Or they speculate. Or they rehash old clips and sound bites.

Because they have so many hours to fill, they rely a lot of politicians and ‘experts’ to puff out the content. You tell me: if you stick a microphone in front of a politician and ask them a question, do you think you are going to get a straight answer? Not a chance in hell. Their job is to get reelected so they can retain their place at the trough. The words are meaningless. And have you noticed that the ‘reporters’ never follow up? They never say, ‘Uh, wait a minute. That you just said is false. Can you explain it?’. They just let their guest say whatever drivel they want to. That is not what real reporters do, kids.

So … I never see them getting this Schrodinger’s cat back in the bag. That means that you, friend, are going to have to do your own determination of what is news and what is opinion, what is fact and what is bullshit. Good luck.

Here’s Something Interesting

… to me anyway. I’m sure it will be to you as well. This morning early I was drinking coffee and flipping around all the news channels. This is my daily dose of reality, where I see what the world is up to.

Big news was some Labor Department numbers were out. MSNBC said in big words, ‘Unemployment numbers up, to 3.7%’. Sound bad.

FOX said, ‘224,000 jobs added in June’. Sounds good.

Neither of them gave background or acknowledged the other number. Neither explained what it meant or why it mattered. One number made the FOX favorite, Trump, look good. One number made the MSNBC favorite, Not Trump, look good. Even if you blend them, watch both as I did, you still have no context and still do not know what the point is. Who told these people that is reporting? Give us the background. And explain why you are not reporting both numbers. Bah.

Are the Democrats Crazy?

Watching the debates – well, partially watching them – over the past two nights has left me stunned. Not only do they have far too many candidates running, the Democrats seem bent on self-destruction. Above you will see a nice curve, sometimes called the ‘bell curve’ but actually a mathematic and statistic function showing normal distribution.

Far out on the left, politically, are the Anarchists and Socialists. On the right are Conservatives and Fascists. In the middle are Moderates. This is not news: anyone that knows any politics is aware of it. If you will note the curve, there are no voters out on those edges. Most people are in the middle. You cannot win an election by courting the fringes.

But yet, based on their responses to such things as free health care for illegal immigrants, the Democrats are planning on that. Listen: YOU CANNOT BEAT TRUMP THAT WAY.

He has his solid 30%. That will not change. You must go for the vast middle ground, the Moderates, the people that outnumber all other factions. The people that want abortion to be legal and as rare as possible. The people that want sensible gun control. The people that want some regulation of food and drugs and air quality. THAT VAST MIDDLE VOTING BLOC.

And that’s all I’m going to say on that. Thanks to Wikipedia for the chart. I could not write without Wikipedia and I give them money whenever I can afford it.